Thank You

Monday 12th December 2022

Huge Thank you to Lynne Derrick for your raffle donation of £150 for Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue Thank you for your support

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Thank You Anita de Klerk Gundog Training

Monday 12th December 2022

Massive Thank you to Anita de Klerk Gundog Training for their generous donation to Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue. Hi Judy and Peter, I have made a transfer of £124 to your bank account with the reference of Anita de Klerk Gundog Training. This amount was raised at the Christmas get together for my Gundog training groups. As well as a little bit of training we had some fun and games, most of which involved sausages and tennis balls for the dogs. We enjoyed a fabulous sunny December day, the dogs had lots of of fun and the handlers had a lot of laughs (a few photos attached). Thank you for all of the help that you provide for the dogs who come in to your…

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Friday 9th December 2022

Congratulations to Ollie who licenced the day before yesterday (7/12/22) with A&S Police PD Ollie is pictured in the middle with his handler PC Kemble We are proud to supply A&S with some great Rescue Dogs who have gone forward to be fantastic in the areas they have been trained. (I have contacted previous Owner who was just thrilled to bits) Go forward and shine a light for Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue Ollie. Well Done x

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Wednesday 7th December 2022

Pickles & Purdey have been adopted and have a home to call their own. They have adapted well to their new life, made new canine friends, and have made their new owners very happy. Two very happy secure loving dogs ready to live their lives , to love and be loved. In their own words the new owners feel like they have won the jackpot and are absolutely thrilled to bits and these photographs show that .. Pickles & Purdey ... A lifetime of adventures awaits you, everyone who meets you both adores you. Be happy and enjoy life .xx

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Monday 5th December 2022

Beautiful Polly has been Adopted and has a home to call her own.. Arrived here in such a pitiful state very lean , no muscle and lactating. We watched her blossom from being very insecure to moving forward as a very loving trusting young girl who just loved the outside life .. I liked this girl a lot and am pleased I introduced her to a different way of life. Polly's home for life is with an active retired couple who have all the time in the world to devote to her and she in return has so much love to give them . Polly you came a long way in a short space of time and you learned…

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PD Ben

Saturday 3rd December 2022

PD Ben out with his handler PC Hopwood doing a job he has been trained to do. Ben was one of our first dogs to go forward to A&S Police and now aged 6 years he is showing he is a very much valued member of a great team.

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Tommy & Elvis

Thursday 1st December 2022

Tommy and Elvis enjoying their time out on the field and doing very well. Elvis was adopted a few years ago and Tommy in January this year.... Lovely Father and Son photo

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Purdey & Pickles

Wednesday 30th November 2022

Update on Purdey & Pickles These two dogs were incredibly popular... I feel their background struck a chord with many wanting the best for them.... A viewing took place last week with both dogs which went very well ... and today both went forward to their future home on trial to ensure a perfect match. Both have been neutered plus full dental so puppy making days are over .... These two dogs have a lot of living to do ... they also have a lot of love to give. They are a bonded pair, and it was always my intention to Rehome them together!

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Tuesday 29th November 2022

Fizz has been Adopted .. A fabulous home already known to us as they adopted Pip (was Jimmy). One of the Bristol 3 a few years ago .. Fizz created a lot of attention and I had to go with my heart knowing this couple and what they can offer to help Fizz move forward ... and it was the right choice . The only sticky area they had were the cats but true to form the cats put Fizz in her place ! This couple are very much for their dogs Pip does scent training and loves it .. and a path has already been chosen for Fizz in terms of Agility as she gets…

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Last Date for Dog Food Orders Before Christmas

Sunday 27th November 2022

Turkey, Sweet Potato and Cranberry is on the menu this Christmas.. Please get your orders in by the 14th December to ensure delivery on time.... Menu and prices on our web page 'Dog Food' If you want to require Small Breed, please email on the contact form Please note the dogs on the labels are all dogs we have worked with. All proceeds from the Dog Food go towards the Rescue Rehabilitation and Rehoming of Working K9 Breeds. Please see Dog Food Page

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Friday 25th November 2022

Young Ben now Murphy has been adopted into experienced hands ... the yellow lab Skye was also adopted from us a few years ago. Murphy came to us aged approx 12 weeks old , very thin and no muscle.. he loved being with the dogs and was a lovely boy with a wonderful temperament .. in August he went to his new home and fitted them like a glove ..Murphy attends their local puppy training class and is doing very well. It was great to see him this morning so he finally he gets his own post .. Murphy you are growing into stunning young dog and it was a joy to see you this morning ... I saw…

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Thursday 24th November 2022

Yesterday Suzie had her first hydro session at Chapel Farm rehab The session was focused on her feeling comfortable beginning with walking on and off the treadmill which she did with ease, then inside with ends closed ...focused on the licky mat she was not phased when it started to fill up with water... I have to say we achieved more than expected. As I have said before Suzie can react to touch, but she coped amazingly well Her pain meds have been increased which I feel has helped her a lot as I am no longer seeing a pained face! Suzie is now booked in for weekly hydro sessions up till Christmas and physio again next week ..…

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