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My name is Judy Bowden and my husband is Peter..we run the village shop which has been in the family since 1964 in a small village in Somerset
Our Rescue started as a small venture locally and expanded very quickly...
Our work with dogs is a passion that we both enjoy ......
BRAR is based in Somerset working mainly with Spaniels & Labradors (and a few others that come our way) assessing each dog individually for a possible future on the field as a Gun dog, with in the forces, and those that really just want to be a pet.

Some of the dogs we work with have come from loving homes where circumstances have changed and we do our best to keep previous owners informed as to how the dog is getting on whilst in our care with photos and updates. Once the dog is re homed we reach a cut off stage but as and when a photo is received that is forwarded on to the previous owner.

Some dogs come from a difficult background and their past will never be elaborated on publicly .... with others we will never know the full story...and whilst we can guess we can not speculate what may or may not have happened! But every photo tells its own story!

All dogs coming in live in our home, are assessed 24/7 so we really get to know them very well, They are well fed, exercised and most have a recall before leaving us. We work with in our means and have a couple of dogs in at any one time... We work with the dog before us and move them forward ensuring they are what we say they are.

I love working with 'broken dogs' that need that extra help so that they can achieve their potential to become the dog they were bred to be. My own pack of Cocker Spaniels are well balanced and they are the ones that do a lot of the work with the new arrivals as they come in..

We are very much hands on with all the dogs we take in and able to give an honest character description of each dog. We become emotionally attached to every dog and it's always hard letting them go, but the knowledge they go forward to a fabulous life is reward in itself.

We have worked with some interesting cases, Leg Amputees, Tumours, Neospora, Tail Amputees due to Happy Tail! Adder Bite, Entropion, Emaciated dog with 62 Grass seeds in his Paws, Toxic poisoning, 2 cases of IOHC, Overbred Bitches, Neglect, Abandonment, Mange, Alopecia, Fear Aggression, and hand reared an abandoned puppy aged between 2-3 weeks old! These are things we can work through, and we can see the physical improvements of each dog. The hardest ones are the dogs that don't show visible signs of neglect but have lived their lives in fear and its these dogs that need the time to adjust and move forward!

Our adoption fee is £350 (Puppies under 12 months of age £400) Each dog leaves with 5 weeks free Insurance with Agria Pet Insurance, previous Vet History where possible, Vaccinations, worm/flea treatment to date & Microchip Transfer. (We do not neuter any dog under the age of 18 months unless there is a medical reason to do so)
Any KC Reg dog that comes in with papers leaves with their papers. Home checks take place with the dog themselves; we look at suitability for that particular dog and the dog chooses their new home. We do stipulate any dog adopted through us can never be sold, re-homed, Passed onto family members or friends!! Should circumstances change the dog must come back to us, and if family members/friends are interested they must contact us direct and go through an adoption procedure.

We do ask in addition for a donation towards fuel expenses please!

We re home all over the country.
If you are interested in any of the dogs placed up for adoption, please email brarrescue@gmail.com telling us a bit about your lifestyle, family, work hours, Children, Other pets and why you are applying for a certain dog and what you can offer them. Don't forget to add your contact details, Post Code and Telephone number. Please do not expect an immediate reply...and in some cases due to sheer volume of applications it is impossible to reply to everyone individually. and hope you are understanding. Sometimes it can take weeks to ensure we select the right home for the dog.
NB: - There is no form.... I want to feel what your write.!!
All dogs go forward on a 4-week trial period with a Free 6kg Bag of food they are currently on.
Please understand we do not hold a register of your requirements and we do not get dogs to order as we would never be able to fulfil everyone's expectations... The dogs up for adoption will appear on this page and also our FB page.
We receive a high volume of interest for each dog, and we do the best we can finding the right home.

What started off as a small local rescue in 2016 has expanded far bigger than I ever thought possible.
Buddy's name has gone forward to help so many dogs and I am so proud he is my dog. (A three-legged terrier who thinks he is a spaniel)!

We were honoured to be mentioned in 'The Field' Magazine August 2018 edition featuring Olive, Fizz & Star centrefold and a photo of Buddy himself.
We are proud to have quite a few Search Dogs with Avon & Somerset Police, Two Labradors that have gone forward as Assistance Dogs. Two Spaniels with Paws for Conservation, and recently a young Labrador Puppy as a therapy dog. not forgetting the many dogs having gone forward as gundogs.

On the 18th of March 2020 Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue BRAR became a Registered Charity, Reg No: - 1188618. A status we have worked hard to achieve and so very proud. We now have a board of trustees committed to expanding the Rescue moving forward to something bigger.

Judy Bowden
Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue

Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue
Registered Charity 1188618

Anyone wishing to donate or set up a Direct Debit our bank account details are as follows

Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue Sort Code: 60-14-24 Account: 55889492