Wednesday 21st April 2021

Failed Foster... 😉 When I approached Sandra to ask if she would be interested in fostering one of the little terriers .. she jumped st the chance .... she had given one of her terriers to her mother to help her cope through lockdown so only had little Eric at home ... introductions went well and Molly ventured forward to a completely new lifestyle with her new best friend Eric a very laid back JR ! Molly settled in very well to her new environment Enjoying regular walks , regular meals , Lots going on as we had her spayed, vaccinated , wormed & flea treated, she healed and recovered well and took everything In her stride ..…

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Dogs on Holiday

Sunday 18th April 2021

We were fortunate to get a bit of time away taking the dogs with us...They all loved the beach and had a dip in the sea except Dinky (my dog) who is now 12.5 years old and prefers to keep her paws dry! Luna loved the water and swam most days, Eli the Lab with neosporosis learnt to read the waves really well and by the end of the week was pretty confident wading out, Rachel would have been so proud of the dog he is today! Sadie's reaction to the beach was priceless and we managed to coax her in for a paddle! She is still currently longlined as this young girl has had a long journey…

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Tuesday 13th April 2021

Luna has received a huge amount of interest from Day 1... All emails were placed in to a folder to be looked at when time permits ...Time is spent with the dogs , our family business and family .. and when we can get away for a couple of days... especially now with less restrictions on Covid Rules. The last thing I need is yet more emails because you have not heard anything ... A decision will be made in my time ..The right decision . Thank you for your patience . As you can see Luna is having a lovely time on a short break with us ..

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Holly & Molly

Sunday 11th April 2021

These two lovely little girls have recovered well from their Spay, They have both had a restart on their vaccines and they have had a groom by our wonderful local Groomer Emma who runs Paws to Claws Dog Grooming. Don't they look different....

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Wednesday 7th April 2021

After a two week trial Bandit has been adopted ... in fact - around day 4 i heard those words .. "he's staying "😉 Bandit needed an experienced handler, someone prepared to spend the time with him and guide him forward ...Time to Bond , Time to Train, and not giving in at small hiccups, !! Time for Bandit to settle with the resident GWP who clearly said " You cannot be serious !! " but by day 4 she had changed her mind to "actually I like him" as they slept side by side on the floor !!! There are two young children in the family .. who loved Bandit straight away and he them ... their daughter pictured…

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Monday 5th April 2021

Last year we rehomed the very handsome Leo to a lovely couple who have just had their first baby .. and Leo has been very much a part of welcoming Baby Athena to the family . Leo .. Best friend for life . Congratulations Jake & Alice on the birth of your beautiful daughter and a life long friend for Leo (Beautiful Photos )

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Wednesday 31st March 2021

Update on Luna .... Luna has settled in so well she is a joy to have around ... Over the past week I have watched her open up to us and her new environment... She is nose to ground, enters cover happily , and this morning stopped to flush ... and came back when called ! also she initiated herself to our area with the roll In 'Eau de foxy' !! Fabulous temperament, very friendly happy girl . We feel her future would be best placed in a Working/Pet/Active home As I sit writing this she has wandered over and laid at my feet ... Truly a lovely girl .

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A Helping Hand for Pets in Need

Tuesday 16th February 2021

BRAR are proud to donate to SperingCourt Pet Food Bank run by Roy Steggles. Roy mentioned a few weeks ago they were running very low on Pet food so I contacted him to ask what he needed... Cat food was in very short supply but he would be grateful for anything... This food is relayed out towards pets in need in Glastonbury, Wells and surrounding areas..

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Thursday 11th February 2021

The young beautiful Holly came to us early December ...We kept her quiet due to Christmas being so close but also because of the current situation with everyone wanting a dog! Holly was very timid on arrival but soon relaxed within her new environment.. eager to please she was a pleasure and a joy to work with .. she also came away with us for her first Christmas, ran on the beach and dived into the sea.. she loved it and we enjoyed her .. Holly went on trial two weeks ago to a young family who sadly lost their springer spaniel a while ago and felt now was a good time and had been looking for a while…

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A Helping Hand for Grace

Thursday 4th February 2021

Within Canine Rescue we are all striving towards the same goal and that is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, & Rehome Dogs, To enrich their lives and place them in suitable environments.....Be they Working or Pet. Most Rescues are run by people so dedicated to their cause and will finance from their own pocket if it came to the crunch! 2020 has been a Strange Year with Covid-19 and at the same time everyone wanting puppies/young dogs willing to pay extortionate prices means many rescues are struggling to survive. BRAR are proud to help Happily Ever After Dog and Cat Rescue, a small Rescue that needs a little bit of help ... We are all working towards the same goal. Happily Ever…

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