Pumpkin & Squash

Friday 4th June 2021

A very long day for Pumpkin And Squash as they endured a 3 hour journey to their new destination following the passing of their late owner . A massive impact on their lives and we are honoured to have been asked to help rehome these beautiful elderly girls together upon recommendation from Yatton Vets . It takes someone pretty special to accept an elderly dog into their lives .. To take in two is Amazing . Upon our arrival and bringing the girls out together they both ran to find their space for a quick toilet stop then with waggy tails ran into the house to explore ! .. if I was to caption their arrival it would be…

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Rescue Dogs make Great Police Dogs

Tuesday 1st June 2021

Rope Access Training in case a search area is not easily accessible... PD Ben, PD Brock, PD Holly, PD Syd These 4 dogs went to Avon & Somerset Police from Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue and we are proud of the dogs they have become and their achievements... What a Team ! (..and their handlers haven't done too badly either !!! ) ;)

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Tuesday 18th May 2021

UPDATE ON POPPY In a week we have seen this beautiful girl change so much and adapt to a completely different lifestyle than the one she was used to. Poppy has separation anxiety and will bark when left alone, however her problem is not as bad as we thought it was going to be. Poppy has been very much loved and a soul companion for her owner who had an accident and had to move where sadly dogs are not allowed. Very hard to let go!! I have promised the family we will safeguard Poppy and find her an amazing home. Poppy is a little sweetheart she is fantastic with dogs and settled in here very well. We expected a rough first…

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Thursday 13th May 2021

5 years ago this little one found his way to us and became a member of our family ! His story went viral at the start of the New Year 2016 having been on the run for 11 days after being knocked over .. The stray no one could get close to .. Nicknamed....The dog from nowhere. 11 days of searching in torrential weather we eventually caught him in a humane trap..... This was the day his life began!! A forlorn little chap so frightened and in shock needed surgery for a badly damaged leg ....So many people helped fund his surgery which resulted in leg amputation and post op care requiring Physio & Hydrotherapy. Buddy…

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Wednesday 12th May 2021

The lovely Holly has had a successful trial and settling in with her new owner who has embraced her with open arms. Holly felt very comfortable in her surroundings and immediately set about checking everything out to ensure it met her standards then went over to the gentleman who lifted her up and there was something special in that moment....... Holly has gone to the Forest of Dean to a retired gentleman who leads a fit and active lifestyle. He has always had dogs, is knowledgeable of the Terrier breed and little Holly will want for nothing. Holly you were a joy to have here, finding your place on the sofa in the evenings and curling up in to the…

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Monday 3rd May 2021

Luna has had a successful trial period in her new home and settled in very well to her new surroundings and also with her new best friend Elvis. Within days they came back to me to say how much they loved her and were enjoying her company. Whilst Luna was here with us she mixed in well with all the dogs, she was a joy to take out and also came on holiday with us to Cornwall for a week, she loved the company, the forest, the sand and the sea and she was a joy. Whilst this was a very hard decision for her previous owner to make I would like to say Thank You for trusting us…

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Sunday 25th April 2021

Today I said Goodbye to Sadie as she was ready for the next stage of her life.. her forever home. Sadie arrived from the RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch a very poorly shut down girl needing help.... They did not want to place her in kennels as it would not have been in her best interests so we were asked if we would like to take her in and of course the answer was yes. Sadie has moved forward in leaps and bounds having gained weight with a lovely rounded rear, her bones no longer protruding!! her coat is shiny, She is clear of Mange, her bald areas are covered with new hair growth, her ears which were a…

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Wednesday 21st April 2021

Failed Foster... 😉 When I approached Sandra to ask if she would be interested in fostering one of the little terriers .. she jumped st the chance .... she had given one of her terriers to her mother to help her cope through lockdown so only had little Eric at home ... introductions went well and Molly ventured forward to a completely new lifestyle with her new best friend Eric a very laid back JR ! Molly settled in very well to her new environment Enjoying regular walks , regular meals , Lots going on as we had her spayed, vaccinated , wormed & flea treated, she healed and recovered well and took everything In her stride ..…

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Dogs on Holiday

Sunday 18th April 2021

We were fortunate to get a bit of time away taking the dogs with us...They all loved the beach and had a dip in the sea except Dinky (my dog) who is now 12.5 years old and prefers to keep her paws dry! Luna loved the water and swam most days, Eli the Lab with neosporosis learnt to read the waves really well and by the end of the week was pretty confident wading out, Rachel would have been so proud of the dog he is today! Sadie's reaction to the beach was priceless and we managed to coax her in for a paddle! She is still currently longlined as this young girl has had a long journey…

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Tuesday 13th April 2021

Luna has received a huge amount of interest from Day 1... All emails were placed in to a folder to be looked at when time permits ...Time is spent with the dogs , our family business and family .. and when we can get away for a couple of days... especially now with less restrictions on Covid Rules. The last thing I need is yet more emails because you have not heard anything ... A decision will be made in my time ..The right decision . Thank you for your patience . As you can see Luna is having a lovely time on a short break with us ..

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