Merry Christmas

Wednesday 1st December 2021

Bella & Harley

Thursday 25th November 2021

Bella & Harley These two make a fabulous pair & get on so well together ! This morning they ran beside each other , responded well to the whistle and stayed close.. that was all I wanted and all I asked .... Loving these two dogs ... they bounce well off each other. After settling the dogs into our home with our dogs and both feeling comfortable ... introducing them to a different life than the one they were used to ... it was just lovely to know they were both with me and wanted to be with me... responsive and loved it !

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Daisy Update

Sunday 21st November 2021

Update on Daisy who has been with us 6 weeks now .. She is now starting to respond to us instead of tensing up or trying to bury herself in her bed ... In the mornings she wags her tail and is so pleased to see us so progress there ! She loves her morning walks and as each day passes I see her confidence start to grow. She adores Eli and follows him everywhere... It is wonderful to see Daisy begin to open up... (you can clearly see how heavily she was used for breeding) She still has a long journey ahead of her but for now she is doing great... There is now…

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My Gift ....

Monday 8th November 2021

A gift to myself....that arrived today All dogs are special but I guess little Jake touched a nerve so deep in me, and now I will see his beautiful little face every day on my new watch...

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Saturday 6th November 2021

My personal journey ended with Jake as he left me last week for a whole new life ... Jake has settled into his new home so well, he was running round exploring everywhere, confident and happy. Meeting Jess the resident dog went very well and the two have become very close ... It was so important for Jake to have a steady confident role model and he certainly has that in Jess who is wonderful with him. (Jess is also a Rescue) Fabulous home, Lovely knowledgeable people, who already love and adore Jake, and as they said this morning Jake is already a part of their lives. I am so proud of this little boy who survived against all…

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Tuesday 2nd November 2021

This morning out on our walk Eli had managed to get up onto a bank .. he has watched many of our dogs leap up there over the past year to be photographed and this morning he took me by surprise and managed to get up and stand there so proud. Eli has Neosporosis which affected his hind limbs as a very young puppy.. he came to us when he was approx. 12 weeks old...He is now 3 years old and one amazing dog ...Eli came back to us last year after his adoptive owner sadly passed away. He lives a fulfilled happy life here with us .. he has stepped into the role of Pack…

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Sunday 31st October 2021

Bella is questioning if she came to the right place !! Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ

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Friday 29th October 2021

Beautiful Tessa has had a wonderful trial period, she settled in very well within the home and also with the resident dogs.... A little piece written by her new owner.... ' After years of successfully training and riding horses I decided to have a go at Agility with my dog Pip a Collie X Working Cocker Spaniel . I found an experienced Trainer and our journey started. After a year of training I went to my first Kennel Club competition as a Grade 1 and we won the jumping. More training and several competitions later we are now Grade 3 in our first Season together. We did the Kennel Club Internationals and entered the Starters Cup. We didn't qualify…

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Sunday 24th October 2021

Bandit out for his first season .... So Proud of this boys rehoming in more ways than one ... Gundog for him , Running Partner for her , and children involved with care and Training .. Just perfect ...... 'We had our first day yesterday, I was umming and arhhing about giving him a run out, glad I did. 3 drives. He pushed boundaries a couple of times ie deafness setting inπŸ˜‚, (but nothing horrendous)but I think it's just him getting to involved in what he's doing and suddenly realises and returns. Absolutely rock steady with pheasants around his feet and to gun shot. He had a couple of good retrieves one on a running large cock bird,…

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