Thursday 16th February 2023

Harley in the final stages of Great crested newt detection. GCN has such a small scent picture compared to a bat carcass, and also combined with the likelihood of the target being buried, the dogs have really had to adapt to more intricate searches to locate their target scent. So very proud of what Harley has achieved with Paws for Conservation

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Thursday 9th February 2023

Remember little Dixie from last year who arrived pot bellied with the worst case of worms I have ever seen , and lack of hair on her tiny little body ... I was so moved last night when I recieved this photo aged 6 months old and looking absolutely Stunning .. ❤️❤️ Her owners have done this little one proud .. (Photo of Dixie next to Dinky when she arrived last year after being dumped and came to us through RSPCA Surrey Woking & District. )

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Tuesday 7th February 2023

Beautiful Lottie has been Adopted.. she came to us a couple of weeks before Christmas overbred, underweight, no muscle tone , a very wary spaniel! How her life has changed ! Early January we made the decision to find Lotties home sooner rather than later as she was bonding heavily with me and she needed to bond with her future owners in her forever home .. Lottie went forward to her new home on trial with a wonderful couple and their spaniel Stan and settled in very well, during that time she was spayed, a couple of rotten teeth removed at their vets and given a clean bill of health. It was a joy to see Lottie…

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Roxie & Rosie came to stay

Sunday 29th January 2023

It has been a delight to have these two beautiful girls to stay over whilst their owners went on holiday.. Hard to believe how bad they both were when they first arrived in rescue last year after being abandoned with little Roo looking nothing like they do today .. their coats are like velvet, their weight is spot on , they are both so healthy and very much loved by their owners .. Roxie & Rosie beautiful names for beautiful girls . Tomorrow they go home after a week with us .. (please note this is not a service we provide .. but when our dogs are adopted and holidays are pre planned/booked we will have them back to…

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Friday 27th January 2023

Alfie (was Ralphy) has been adopted Alfie turned one year old on the 25th Jan ..and was on trial in his new home , the day I received a text saying you know he's definitely staying ... ! Alfie and new owner have bonded so well, his training has begun with the aim to have him out on the field next season ... This lady is not a stranger to the beating line /picking up team having trained her previous dogs who have sadly passed .. but in her own words she's never had a rescue and is really looking forward to working with Alfie. Alfie proved to be a very popular dog and I believe I have made the…

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Thursday 26th January 2023

The beautiful Rita (was Wreath) has been adopted... she chose her home and has settled in very well... she has been introduced to the horses and is loving the space and freedom. Rita arrived just after Christmas and spent some time with Julie Warboys who described her as a gorgeous giantess craving affection. What is so lovely is that Rita needs her new owners as much as they need her, she has helped fill a void in their lives after losing their spaniels aged 14 and 15 years of age. A great start to the rest of your life Rita and we wish a wonderful journey. Huge Thank you to Julie Warboys

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Dog First Aid Course

Tuesday 24th January 2023

Allwinds Dog First Aid Training Course Saturday 13th May 10am - 3:30m Ubley Village Hall in the Chew Valley. Organised and hosted by Dog House Blues. An informative well presented course for Dog Owners, Carers and Professionals. Contact 07712202001 to secure your place now (I did this course last year and would highly recommend)

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Wednesday 18th January 2023

Update on Suzie who is having weekly hydro sessions at Chapel Farm Rehab for Chronic Arthritis and spondylosis in her lower spine. Underwater Treadmill sessions have gone very well... Yesterday we saw the physio Ellen for a review and were given more exercises to implement daily .. Suzie's muscles are developing well and she is moving a lot better. I still have to keep her walks controlled on the lead much to her annoyance! This photo highlights a big achievement for Suzie as she has struggled to sit and yesterday managed this comfortably! She is on daily pain meds and everything appears to be going in the right direction . Next week…

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Tuesday 17th January 2023

One little girl who has a lot to smile about ! Spice has settled in so well in her new home and I think her face says it all ! Past life already forgotten and a fabulous life to look forward to .. Perfect home choice for little Spice who will be kept very active ... Massive Thank you to Julie Warboys who took Spice in to foster over the Christmas Period hence the name Spice! Home check completed my end in Devon and we all met early one sunday morning near Stonehenge .. for handover . Spice now you have a home of your own and love abound ... enjoy.

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Tuesday 17th January 2023

This morning it was Eli's turn to have some physio around his spine and shoulder areas.. he loved seeing the girls at Chapel farm rehab especially Clair who he adores ! It's also a place he is very familiar with and has frequented since he was a young pup and the place where he learned to walk on his two hind legs independently and not bunny hop! He has not been for a while and I have noticed him stretching a lot over the past couple of weeks ... Ellen (physio) picked up on some tender areas along his spine and noted that he was off loading on his right shoulder. We know his hips and hind limbs…

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Monday 16th January 2023

The last puppy went to her new home early December and settled so well in to her new home, she has an older gentle calm dog in Maggie who was also adopted from us several years ago and a great role model ! Pups name is Cara. (Was Maddy ) Today I called round to see how everything was going and was greeted by two beautiful calm dogs . Cara you are such a lucky girl .. The day you were found was the best day of the rest of your life ... A lifetime of adventures awaits you ... (Many Thanks to our Amazing Foster Mum who took this little one in .. I know it broke her heart…

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Merry Christmas

Tuesday 13th December 2022

I am honoured to have met and worked with these dogs featured,, and proud to have rehomed all the dogs we have taken in and worked with throughout 2022. We have one dog Fudge/Ace currently on an extended Trial. This year our relationship with RSPCA Surrey Woking & District grew stronger as cases of abandoned and neglected dogs were coming in fast and we were able to welcome some of them with open arms into our home. We are proud to have two dogs Harley & Flo pass their assessments with Paws for Conservation, Ollie for passing his assessment with A&S Police now known as PD Ollie. All the dogs that had their own personal baggage to…

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