Sunday 25th June 2023

Young Wren has settled very well in to her new home and doing very well... She got on well with the resident dog Poppy from the beginning and is becoming more confident daily... Wren is a soft gentle loving girl and loves walking round with a soft toy in her mouth ... Lovely Rehome to a family who wanted to Rescue a dog but it had to be the right dog that suited their family needs and a dog they could help nurture forward .... Wren certainly worked her charm into the hearts of this family..

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Sunday 18th June 2023

Pink was the colour of the day even down to Penny's new collar ... Today was Penny's Adoption Day and you can see how much she has grown in the past two weeks since her viewing. We were out early this morning then home for breakfast and a bath so she looked her best ... I have thoroughly enjoyed this little one has been a joy to watch her develop into a healthy, confident, calm, happy, laid back, loving young pup. Penny you have so much to offer and your world is about to open up with lots of fun and adventures. May you be a shining light for your new family

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Harley continues to shine...

Thursday 4th May 2023

Post from Paws for Conservation written by Rachael Flavell · We've spent the morning demonstrating our Great Crested Newt dogs to Natural England and Three Shires Ltd . Harley enjoyed the attention! #conservationdog #GCN #experienced #greatcrestednewt #workingdogs #effective #efficient

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Monday 1st May 2023

A Story in pictures .... Amber is a Approx 3 years old, Tri coloured Spaniel With full tail who came to us from RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch. Amber had an injury that previously someone thought they could fix with Superglue ..which became infected and made quite a mess! Surgery was required along with antibiotics to clear up the infection !! stitches were removed last Friday and all has healed well ... Amber was pretty shut down , vocal, very lean with little to no muscle tone and previously had pups! After meeting our dogs she let her guard down and relaxed , and what a joy it has been to watch this girl open up ! If I…

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Update on Harley & Flo

Saturday 22nd April 2023

Written by Rachael Flavell Owner of Paws for Conservation ⭐ Great Crested Newt assessment results ⭐ We've completed two days of GCN testing with three of our dogs, Harley, Flo and Stig. These trials were carried out externally by Inside Atkins and consisted of double blinded odour I.D tests and single blind field trials. The dogs were exposed to 19 wild GCN that they have not been previously trained on. They also worked blank areas and blank runs with no false indications. We're delighted to announce that the three dogs scored 100% on all the tests. These trials were not easy, and some of the dogs encountered a few obstacles, which is to be expected. However, we know our dogs and we're able to identify problems,…

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Roo (was Toffee)

Friday 21st April 2023

Toffee now called Roo has his forever home in Bonnie Scotland .. A young boy who needed discipline, boundaries, guidance and regular exercise to help him move forward . The resident dog Sprocket took a little while to warm to Roo but as the weeks went by he obviously felt this new boy on the scene wasn't so bad plus he now had someone to play chase with ... Roo is living a life he could only have dreamt of with a young couple who live an outdoor lifestyle, and are committed to working with him to help him become the best he can be. I loved seeing these photos , they are heartwarming and absolutely stunning. Roo…

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Friday 14th April 2023

Rufus has been adopted and has settled well in his new home .. He is loving his home comforts , his walks , regular mealtimes , and his ball, he is simply loving life. Very gentle sweet natured boy who the whole family adore. His coat has changed from a dull hard coat to soft and shiny and the roan colouring really shining through. Stunning Boy One boy who has certainly landed on his paws. Be happy Rufus , you have a wonderful secure future to look forward to .

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Wednesday 12th April 2023

One very special girl.... So very much loved from the day I met her till the day she drew her last breath and beyond..... A dogs only default...They do not live long enough. "I'll lend you for a little while a dog of mine" he said "for you to love and care for and mourn for when she's dead, She may be fourteen-fifteen years, she may be two or three, but will you till I call her back take care of her for me. I searched the whole world over in search of teachers true and from the people on the earth, I chose her just for you You taught her well you should be proud, don't think your labour vain, nor hate me when I come…

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Sunday 2nd April 2023

Our beautiful Dinky aged 14.5 years makes her final journey on Monday 3rd April.. This will be a very distressing time for us as a family. Dinky has nurtured so many lost souls and been one incredible foster mum to so many abandoned Pups. I will not be accepting any dogs in for a while as I need time to grieve which I hope you understand. Time catches up with us all ......

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Wednesday 15th March 2023

Milo had a successful trial period and has finally settled in his home for life .. A young pup who through no fault of his own was previously in the wrong environment twice over.. when we were asked to help ! Milo was a very popular puppy but after his short chequered past it was vital his new owners had experience with the breed... Milo has the most amazing home with a family who understand the Dachshund Breed, they have Monty who is 5 years old and the same colour as Milo .. These photos taken by the family show the bond developing between Monty & Milo ... I am delighted that little Milo has the security he so deserves and…

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Saturday 4th March 2023

You may remember Lottie the black & white English Springer Spaniel that arrived in November 2022... who was still lactating on arrival ! Flea infested. Urine stained , and broken. ..., yesterday I had the pleasure of rehoming her into an amazing home with owners fully committed to continuing her amazing progress made over the past few months ... Lottie was placed into foster once we were sure there were no issues/problems with a couple who have adopted two of our dogs and are experienced handlers ... an amazing couple who have pledged their help to BRAR. Lottie has had a valued input with training and it was a delight to see how she performed…

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Thursday 23rd February 2023

How not to turn up for a physio session covered in mud 🙈 me in my muddy boots left at the entrance and Suzie ... well what can I say .. plus she was on a lead walk this morning !! .. however another great session at Chapelfarm Rehab and a notable improvement in Suzie's body .. Suzie has chronic Arthritis in all her joints and spondolosis of the spine. At the start of our journey she was very snappy to touch .. touch meant pain! and a few months in she is now happy for the physio to work with her hands on .. This little girl is heading in the right direction. I am thrilled with…

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