Wednesday 12th April 2023

One very special girl....
So very much loved from the day I met her till the day she drew her last breath and beyond.....
A dogs only default...They do not live long enough.

"I'll lend you for a little while a dog of mine" he said
"for you to love and care for and mourn for when she's dead,
She may be fourteen-fifteen years, she may be two or three,
but will you till I call her back take care of her for me.
I searched the whole world over in search of teachers true
and from the people on the earth, I chose her just for you
You taught her well you should be proud, don't think your labour vain, nor hate me when I come to call to take her back again."

(adapted from a poem I memorised as a child)

My beautiful girl Dinky aged 14.5 years