Roo  (was Toffee)

Roo (was Toffee)

Friday 21st April 2023

Toffee now called Roo has his forever home in Bonnie Scotland .. A young boy who needed discipline, boundaries, guidance and regular exercise to help him move forward . The resident dog Sprocket took a little while to warm to Roo but as the weeks went by he obviously felt this new boy on the scene wasn't so bad plus he now had someone to play chase with ...
Roo is living a life he could only have dreamt of with a young couple who live an outdoor lifestyle, and are committed to working with him to help him become the best he can be.
I loved seeing these photos , they are heartwarming and absolutely stunning.
Roo you have your home for life where I foresee many mountainous adventures with Sprocket..
your a very lucky young boy . Enjoy and love life xx