Sunday 20th November 2022

So proud of where Gyp the Border Collie is heading who as a young pup showed no interest in sheep hence we were asked to rehome her .....Fast forward a couple of years and Gyp with her Amazing owner of a couple of years are now taking part in local Sheep Dog Trials .. Today they achieved 2nd place which is absolutely Wonderful news ... Congratulations Catherine & Gyp x

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Friday 18th November 2022

Little Ruby has been Adopted and has settled in very well into her new home ... She was very friendly when I arrived also very gentle and calm.. Some of the photos I have been sent over the past couple of weeks clearly showed this gentleman was thrilled to bits with his new arrival ! There is a little story to this as I had turned him down for a dog which had a high prey drive and whilst he wanted the dog I knew it was not the right dog for him ... however the right dog always comes along at the right time if you are prepared to wait .. and now both he and his wife…

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Tuesday 15th November 2022

This beautiful girl Petra has landed on her paws with a wonderful couple who have waited a long time for a dog to join them... It was a delight to pop round and see this happy pup who looked a picture of health with her shiny glossy coat, and also to see how confident and well mannered she was . a lovely gentle natured young girl whose life has completely changed. When I asked if she would be coming back to me they both replied definitely not. They adore her and she will want for nothing.. she is very much loved and it showed. Well little Petra from the life you had to the life you now have you are…

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Thank you

Tuesday 15th November 2022

Thank you so much Pip and Tess for your donation of £25 for dogs less fortunate than you ... Your Amazing Thankyou x Tess on the left is a Buddy's Dog and in training for Agility

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Sunday 13th November 2022

Little Goldie Pup now called Cali (Meaning Beautiful in Welsh) A fabulous home for this little one who will be out on the field in future years and is in expert hands . A bold confident little pup who was a delight to have here for a short time and as I said earlier one I could easily have kept ! Cali has been lovingly welcomed by her new family and canine family. The awful start she had to her little life will soon be if not already a distant memory as she stretches out on the sofa safe , nurtured and very much loved .. Cali have a truly wonderful life ... you deserve it.…

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Tuesday 8th November 2022

Our Beautiful Dixie has been adopted after a successful trial period. Her best friend and life time companion is Turnip an older version of Dixie... The two girls have bonded very well and Dixie has a good role model in Turnip . Dixie was a young pup in need from RSPCA Surrey Woking & DIstrict and arrived a poorly little pup.. We loved her and it was a joy to watch her grow in strength and character .. all the dogs loved her as she would engage in play and run through Eli's legs ! Dixie now has her own family to love her and security for life .... Dixie your were an absolute joy...and became…

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Willow & Suzie

Sunday 6th November 2022

I have made the decision to withdraw both Willow & Suzie from Adoption. ( Mother & Daughter) The girls are suffering from Severe to Chronic Arthritis which has a massive impact on both their lives, and it would be unfair to expect anyone to take these girls in to their homes knowing that their condition will get worse. Willow is with Clair the owner of Chapel Farm Physio & Hydrotherapy Centre. Willow is approx 6 years old and has undergone Xrays and CT scan to reveal chronic arthritis with instability in her left shoulder, bone on bone contact! her report is a lot more in depth and does not make for good reading... As explained by our…

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A Busy Day

Saturday 5th November 2022

Yesterday was a very busy day with RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch We had 4 young pups in .. 3 Black & Tan aged approx 6-8 months 1 little Golden pup aged 3-4 months All Female. All had heavy flea burden which has been treated, all worm treated , all parvo tested and clear . No microchips ! All smelt which which was resolved by our amazing groomer Emma at Paws to Claws Rookery Farm. Two of the Black and Tan girls went straight to their potential new homes and one in to foster locally .. Little Goldie came home with me . The black & tan girls are all very similar in looks and have…

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Vet Visit

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

The waiting room at Yatton Vets this morning saw couple of BRAR dogs ! Rosie (L) the resident practice dog rehomed a few years ago ....Dinky Centre.... and newly adopted Fizz who was in for her 2nd vaccination. Dinky has seen so many dogs come and go and nurtured so many dogs and puppies with her calm gentle loving nature .. She is 14 years old and her health is deteriorating before my eyes. She has lost almost half her body weight so she really is Dinky! This morning she had some bloods taken to see what was going on and she is at the stage of Kidney failure, she also has senile dementia which we…

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Wednesday 26th October 2022

Yesterday Suzie had her first physiotherapy session at Chapel Farm Rehab Pensford. We saw Ellen who had met Suzie not long after she arrived with her mum Willow and at that time would not allow Ellen to touch her...there were clearly concerns with her gait her poor muscle structure and the lump on her lower front leg hence we had her xrayed to reveal arthritus. The session went very well and Ellen was pleased at how her muscles were starting to develop around her rear end. It was interesting to see the areas that were the most painful for Suzie notably around her right hip as it was her R hind that would kick out…

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Friday 21st October 2022

I escaped for 24 hours !! Me and Polly this early morn on Caerhays beach ! It was blowing a Hooley!!

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Friday 7th October 2022

Jasper has been adopted... It was hard work in the beginning , but putting in the time and training has paid dividends.. a strong bond has developed between Jasper and owner and he is very focused on her .. but it was not like that at the start of their journey .. he would push boundaries and I loved what was said ... 'The first week on trial he was brilliant and did not put a foot wrong .. then it started going wrong as he would push boundaries and totally ignore me. I need more time as he is such a lovely dog and I want him to be my dog but we have to connect .…

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