Friday 1st July 2022

Bailey has been Adopted After a previous short unsuccessful trial period ( which rarely happens) Bailey came back .. At the time I had the Pups who had just recovered from Parvovirus & Giardia and was reluctant to bring any more dogs into the house. Both Chris & Lin Iddon offered to help out and took him in .. Chris also put some time in with recall which will be work in motion and also lead work .. fast forward a couple of weeks ..... Meet Bailey with his new owner who contacted us after following his posts and felt she had to meet this handsome boy .. upon meeting him there was an instant connection. After…

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Thursday 30th June 2022

Billie has been Adopted. We have just had Billie back for a weeks holiday whilst his new owner attended a family wedding.....and when they collected him it was signed and sealed that Billie was officially her dog! Billie stole his way in to his owners heart before they met.. she felt his photos jumped out at her the moment she saw him and knew he was the one for her...Having lost her Springer Spaniel a couple of years ago she felt she was ready. Billies photo jumped out at her as he bore an amazing likeness to her previous Spaniel ! Character wise they are very different which is a good thing. Billie has brought a lot of…

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Scampy's Last Day

Tuesday 28th June 2022

The Diddy Rascals

Sunday 26th June 2022

The Diddy Rascals

Friday 24th June 2022

My work is done, Molly & Ozzy have flown the the nest. Tinka & Scampy leave next week. Very emotional letting them go!!!

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Tuesday 21st June 2022

This morning the puppies had their booster vaccination and microchips and are now ready to face the world.... they have had quite a journey and I have learned a lot about Parvovirus & Giardia.! All pups are fit , healthy , and Absolutely Amazing. We have enjoyed every moment of their time here watching their characters develop and becoming happy , confident , loving Pups . Tomorrow Molly and Skippy now called Ozzy go forward to their new homes with Tinka & Scampy leaving the early part of next week .. Their new families eagerly await their arrival... The hardest part of what we do is letting go ... but as I have said many times before …

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Very Proud of this little bunch!

Thursday 16th June 2022

9 Weeks old and our Stunning little pups are almost ready for life adventures ... Booster Vaccinations next week and then they are ready to flee the nest ... How their lives have turned around! Each pup is an absolute delight ..with their own character and I know that RSPCA Woking are every inch as proud as I am with their development and their Journey to becoming confident happy carefree Puppy's They are all very special ...

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Sunday 12th June 2022

Harley showing there is more to him This is Amazing.... By Paws for Conservation Over the weekend. Harley gave me an unusual indication, a lovely freeze, but he stepped back and looked at me... Upon investigating I found a nest of chicks. This is why our dogs are trained to have a passive indication, so as not to interfere with their target scent or anything that may be confused with target scent, so this includes live animals. Harley identifying this nest means we have GPS marked the location and can avoid disturbing it by not searching that area until the chicks have left the nest.

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Thursday 9th June 2022

Adopted Somehow I knew Aran & Clover would make a perfect partnership ... his messages were so encouraging at how wonderful and fantastic she is and was above his expectations ... Have to say I am very proud that two dogs from Buddy's Rural Animal Rescue are part of the the amazing Paws for Conservation Team and look forward to seeing Clover put through her paces and graduating as a Conservation Dog . You are one lucky girl Clover x. Have loads of fun

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Tuesday 7th June 2022

Just how life should have been from the very start..... The past is forgotten. The Pups are thriving, Healthy skin, shiny coats, Hearty appetites, drinking well, Toileting well! Playful, Inquisitive, Happy Pups who love to snuggle up to Dinky their amazing foster mum

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The Diddy Rascals

Saturday 4th June 2022

I am thoroughly enjoying these young pups .. they are a delight .. They are now mixing with the dogs ... and have a bed in the hub of the house (kitchen) so when they get tired they just bundle themselves in and fall asleep ! They are happy jolly playful loving pups and I am super proud of all of them ... still awaiting their DNA Results which I guess we should receive early part of next week... They have coped with a lot in their short little life but all said and done They are the winners as they have had so much love care and attention here and become fabulous little puppy's who will all go…

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Friday 3rd June 2022

Both Dogs are with Paws for Conservation Harley has graduated and is out this year as part of the team..... Clover is currently on trial... Very proud of both dogs

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