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DOB 7/6/2016
Age 5 Years 11month
Neutered Female
Vaccintaed to date (next due April 23)
Darcie has settled very well, on arrival she was quite vocal, jumping on top of furniture and on the table, she would also open doors (the handles that go down to open) desperate to get out..... over the past month she has learnt to relax, likes her own space at night away from the dogs and is a very loving sweet girl. Outside Darcie has no recall. She knows where you are and will come back eventually so she has been on the long line until a recall is established. On the lead she pulled like a tank and now is walking nicely to heel. I would say Darcie was a very anxious girl on arrival and it took her a while to learn how to relax...she is no longer trying to get out . Noted that she was also showing signs of urine Incontinence during the night so upon our vets advice she has been put on a syrup administered in her night time feed and this has made a huge difference with no more leaks!! Day time she has no problem! Darcie will benefit greatly with someone who has the time to spend with her helping her move forward, giving her clear boundaries. Although she has been great with all the dogs here I feel she would be best suited as an only dog in a calm environment. Darcie has lost 1.6 kg since being here which she needed to. Lovely girl who will shine in the right hands. Travels well, Sleeps Sound, Hearty appetite, and Lots of love to give.
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