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Beautiful Bella A stunning 4 year old English Springer Spaniel.
It's taken us a good 2 weeks to understand this lovely girl ...
Bella came to us as the owners were concerned about her behaviour within the home... her background reads as follows .....
She is a strong character having had two previous homes and given her all to one person then to another in the 2nd home .. she wanted to be the princess included in everything and was not happy if someone else came in on the scene and would growl at them.. Excessive barking at the slightest sound, Wary of people she did not know touching her eg: vets/ groomers ... and would react !
Bella also lacked socialisation with people and other dogs and as her previous owner admitted he felt Bella had become Top Dog within the home.
They had done a lot with Bella outside establishing a great recall, going out cycling with her running , introduced her to Paddleboarding, Swimming in the sea ... the problem was in the house!!
Bella was thrown in at the deep end here, introductions to the pack went well but noted they all gave her a wide berth for about 2 days as she would just growl at them ... she had her bed separate from the others and she was happy .. Day 3 onwards Bella started running alongside the pack, noted she loves water! In house she is happy for us to stroke her all over, she started lying under the table in the kitchen leaning on my feet trying to claim me and giving a warning growl if the dogs came close so I would get up and sit on the floor with my dogs then invite Bella in to our circle !
Bella now shares her bed during the day and at night it's her own personal space.
We have not had any barking at all .. nothing !
Being with the dogs has helped Bella enormously ...we just set firm clear boundaries setting her up to succeed !
Grooming.....We saw clearly Bella was uncomfortable with our groomer Emma to start with and we felt the best way forward was to muzzle her .. she did calm down and this is something that can be improved on over time ... Time and Trust ! She loved her bath with no issues
The grandad of this girl is Helmsway Heath and I feel had she been given the chance to work as a youngster she would have been a great dog ..
she searches and retrieves well , excellent recall. Very responsive ...
Lovely girl with a lot to offer to the right home...
She is very much an active outdoors dog enjoying the comforts of home life ....
I feel she would make an excellent companion/working dog on the field ... Time taken to build a trust and time spent training...
No children under the age of 14 years
Bella will not be suited as an only dog as she has shown so much progress and confidence by being with the resident dogs.... nor will she be suited to a first time dog owner .
Spayed, vaccinated to date, flea/worm to date
All enquiries by email to
(No phone calls please)
Please read our website ... About us ... before applying as that will tell you the information we seek and also explain how we work ...
Please do not expect a reply by return .. we take our time to ensure we find the right home
I really like this girl a lot ... fabulous in the house and one of those dogs you learn to grow with and adapt to each other.... She is a great dog.