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Tessa .... Cheeky Tessa!
12 months old , beautiful girl, settled in very well,
Confident outside , fantastic off lead , good recall.
Mixed in very well with the pack and has met dogs outside no problems ... happy to meet people outside.
Inside she is cheeky and will leap on to the work tops with minimal effort and steal food! House manners need some work as do meal times!
Barking on home territory when someone comes in will stop if she is ignored ... asking people no eye contact no touch!
Tessa was said to be terrified of men so we took that on board and Peter handled her the first couple of days with no problem.
Tessa was not happy to be crated in previous home so we have not used a crate and she found her space next to the dogs sleeping sound at night, she seeks comfort from being with the dogs and enjoys the interaction with them .. she will run and chase a ball but will not pick up ..
With her speed and effortless jumping I see her enjoying Agility she is a fast, fun, friendly girl who enjoys applying herself to new tasks outside ..
( it's the indoor ones that need a bit of work )
No aggression or malice In this girl.
You are invited to apply by email
Please research ABOUT US as this will tell you how to apply and the information we seek and how we operate
Please understand we are unable to acknowledge receipt of emails as we do not have the time ...
( This process normally takes a couple of weeks .)
We do not rush our dogs out .. we have all the time in the world to ensure we make the right choice for their future .