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2 Years old

Say hello to Dexter, a super young lad who has been confused and worried in his previous life, but really starting to blossom with calm and patient handling, reportedly had guarding issues, but not shown anything like that since he has been with me, he has no recall as such, but get down to his level, arms open wide, he comes galloping in for a cuddle and a fuss, his whole body wags when he is happy and presenting a slipper, boot, toy or other item, which he gives up with no fuss or aggression, ideally he needs a spaniel savvy home, and not be a first dog, better suited to a fairly calm house, with older children as he does get confused and stressed if life gets too hectic and loud, or he feels pressured into doing something he is unsure of, loves the motor and getting out and about, not shown any interest in "working" but does love to run, and run, and run, so again, better suited to be an active pet where he can be involved in daily life without being under any pressure to conform and obey rules, he needs gentle guidance and to start his training, quiet and clean indoors, currently on a raw diet, but was on a complete kibble, super with other dogs, and hes learning to play, probably better with another dog rather than an only dog, unless new owners are willing to spend a lot of time teaching him how to live, relax and be a dog.
Dexter is currently with Julie Warboys
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Please research the rescue before applying as that will tell you how to apply and the information we seek.
The process can take a few weeks reading and re reading applications and narrowing the list down and we have all the time in the world to ensure we make the right decision by each dog.