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Jessie & Kiera

Dog Information

Jessie & Kiera.......2 stunning 6 month old pups ...
If I were to describe these two young pups it would be semi feral !! They are dear little girls but very wary of people ... the smaller one Kiera the stronger of the two interacts well with the dogs and if we are sat down in the garden wants to come close and in her own time will do so eventually... Jessie is very frightened ... beyond timid! They love the wall in the garden .. that has become their lookout post. They wander in and out the house and have their own bed in the hallway which they like and will happily lie beside the other dogs. They both want to eat from the same bowl so food is put on a tray .. they will take a bit then run and hide to eat .. then come back and repeat the same process .
If you walk towards them they are looking for a way out .. they are frightened little girls ..
what they do have going for them is their age .. they are young enough to mould with lots of time, patience and gentle nurturing ...This will be best done in a home where they will spend the rest of their lives .
They are silent little pups that need a lot of loving.
If you feel you have the time to love and nurture these two little girls then please contact
Please note the girls are a pair and will be rehomed together ...

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