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Meet Jake....
Abandoned and left to Die ... There are no words !!!
Jake came to us through RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch. He came to us last Thursday and was straight to our vet Yatton Vets .. A very poorly boy ! (We were expecting 2 but sadly one died)
Recorded weight 10.8oz
Our vet Ciara clipped around areas of matted coat to reveal puncture wounds on his left shoulder and also on his right side .. these were cleaned and left open to heal .. A very skinny Tiny little pup that looked out of proportion, large head , bulging eyes , and a heavy worm burden which has been treated.
He is under a heat lamp and also has a heat mat... He will not take a bottle however he will lap from my hand and we now have feed times down to an art .. body functions working well !
We introduced Granny Dinky (almost 13 years old ) to Jake on Day 2 she was straight in the box nurturing him and licking him and will lie beside him with us there ...
This pup needed protecting that's how we chose his name ... meaning 'May God Protect You'
I have recorded everything weight chart, feed journal, and some very emotional videos...
We have purchased a stuffed puppy with a beating heart which he snuggles besides and underneath
His plight has affected us deeply as a family ...
Jake and his sibling did not deserve this ...
Miles were travelled by an amazing team to get this little one safely to us.
Two Rescues working together as a team in the interests and welfare of the puppy.

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