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Sapphie.... A beautiful 4 year old English Springer Spaniel.
We were contacted for help as Sapphie had been returned to the Breeder (pet) by the owner due to health Issues...whilst back at the Breeders home Issues were developing with the theft and guarding of socks which made them feel uncomfortable and also concerned about the children who are very of the young children was nipped whilst carrying a sock. Other than this this problem Sapphie was a very loving girl.
Sapphie was very nervous on arrival which the dogs picked up on and gave her space..
After a walk and feed she settled in very well. Not once have we seen any issues with guarding and we have given her plenty of opportunities.
Sapphie is happy to sit & wait in turn for her food eating in the same room as all the dogs, she is on a diet currently weighing in at 17.7kg and an ideal weight for her would be around 13.5kg she is currently on our own Grain Free Food. She loves being outside and stays close, she has good recall. She loves the ball but not enough to go in the the moment she will not even paddle! Not great at travelling in the vehicle so we are doing lots of short journeys to help her with this problem.. In short Sapphie is a very loving gentle girl.
I feel the problem was situation & environment for Sapphie.... going from a quiet household with no children to a busy home with children plus the added tension in the home due to a family illness.
That said We will be seeking an active home for Sapphie with no children under the age of 12 years.. I personally have no worries about Sapphie knowing the dog she is but in view of the fact she has nipped a child a decision has been made no young children!
Sapphie will cope well as a single dog and also with another calm dog. Her future home must be an active one as she comes alive outside and loves it. She walks very well on a loose lead, she is clean in the house and as yet I have not heard her bark! She is well mannered, and has just started initiating play with the dogs, Loves her foods, sleeps well at night
Sapphie has restarted her vaccinations and has a clean bill of health
Spayed, Flea & Worm treated
This girl does not have a mean bone in her body..she is just lovely.
You are invited to apply for Sapphie by email to
Please note we do not do application forms, we do not work on a first come first served basis.
I want to know how this lovely girl will fit into your lifestyle,
What can you offer her, your work commitments, family members, other pets..
All applications are put into a file and read and reread many times and a short list made.
Home checks are done with the dog when we are ready to make a decision.
Please do not apply by phone
NB This process can take several weeks and will not be rushed.
We have all the time in the world to ensure we get it right.
Please read about us before applying.