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This beautiful 3 year old girl is available for adoption. Indie loves being out side in the fields, forestry, and loves the water.
Indie came from a one owner one dog household and was/is anxious when new people come on the scene and will bark, but once introductions are over she settles down. She is well mannered and clean in the house, sleeps sound at night, Sits and waits patiently for her food and will wait her turn in the pecking order for her food and happily eats alongside the other dogs. Indie has great recall outside vocally and we have started her on the whistle which she responds well to. Being with the dogs has helped Indie relax a lot as she has watched our interaction with our dogs and taken her lead from them. She has also recently been initiating play with the other dogs and is happy meeting new dogs outside.
Indie has opened up to exploring but always looks back to check in with you so she is never far away, if you bring a ball in to play she will bark with excitement. so one or two throws then its ball away and divert attention to something else. It took her a few days to realise she could jump into the back of the Land rover which she now does with ease however not great with travelling as she will bark.
Indie is a very loving, loyal girl and loves to snuggle up on the sofa and be close. In her time here we have shown her a different life which she enjoys and I believe it has lessened her anxiety. .
Indie has gained a lot by being with the dogs and therefore feel her future home must have another dog.
(She would not cope in a busy noisy household)
Indie is 3 years old
Vaccinated to date
Flea/Worm treated to date.
Full vet history from puppy

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