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Holly & Molly

Dog Information

Little Diddy Rascals
2 long haired Heinz 57 Terriers
18 months old Holly and Molly
Both a little timid and need to experience the world outside ... Long journey for these two today and they travelled well.. ( first time in a vehicle)
First port of call on the way back was a quick stop at Emma's Paws to Claws for a much needed bath!!
Wonderful Temperament, 2 very loving little girls.
Straight into a pack environment .. so can honestly say Dog Friendly !
There is clearly a leader and a meeker one the meeker one has been placed in foster in the next village to help her become stronger in her own right and also to see how they cope apart ... so far both dogs have adapted very well...
Holly & Molly have come to us through the RSPCA Surrey, Woking & District Branch ... An amazing team we have worked closely with for the past couple of years ...
Every year around March / April we get a terrier or two ... 😂It's becoming a habit .. we have had some fabulous terriers in and these two fall in to that fabulous category! They are lovely


Both Molly & Holly have both settled and coped very well being separated.. they have had a quiet week after their spay which took place Last Tuesday . Both have recovered and healed well but still have a couple more days before they can run.
These two little girls are so endearing and have had a major turnaround to their lives which they have adapted so well to... Regular meals, Regular Walks, and hungry for lots of love..!!!
Walk well on the lead and take everything in their stride.
Eat Well, Clean in house, and sleep well.
(They have not been groomed yet as their spay took priority)
Molly & Holly will be rehomed separately.

To express your Interest in either of the girls please email