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Stunning Luna, A beautiful Black Sprocker with White Bib
Heart breaking decision for her previous owner who felt he was not giving Luna the life she needed and felt she had so much more to offer.
Luna has been well looked after and has a lovely temperament...she has mixed in well with all the dogs and I am looking forward to learning more about her...
Luna turns 3 years old on the 3rd June.

Update on Luna .... (31/3/21)
Luna has settled in so well she is a joy to have around ... Over the past week I have watched her change and adapt to us and her new environment... She is nose to ground, enters cover happily , Good on recall, vocal and whistle.. she has initiated herself to our area with the roll In 'Eau de foxy' !! Lovely temperament, very friendly happy girl who takes her time to get to know you..
Luna has settled well within a pack environment and has taken a shine to the resident steady Labrador Eli. She loves being active and looks forward to sights and smells of the forest.
She has adapted so well being here it has been a joy to watch her open up.
She loves her food and waits her turn in her place, Clean in the house and sleeps well at night......
We feel her future would be best placed in an Working/Active/Pet/Home
Luna is fit and healthy with full previous Vet History known since a Puppy.
You are invited to express your Interest in Luna through an email to

Due to an explosion of emails received for Luna we can not take any more...I