Jessie & Kiera

Wednesday 15th September 2021

These two little girls came in just over 3 weeks ago frightened of humans .. in fact I will go so far as to say Terrified !! I likened them to semi feral .. like meer cats .. having found their lookout tower on the wall and darting here and there .. taking a bite of their food and running away to eat it then coming back for more !
In 3 weeks barriers have been broken....
We have had to seperate them to eat as Kiera was eating everything and Jessie was becoming leaner causing concern ... we now have placed Jessie in a crate to eat .. Kiera has her own little space and both girls are eating well .. plus they have been independently wormed and flea treated !
Small steps over big boulders .. These two are going to be fabulous dogs with love , care, understanding , time and commitment ... and every moment spent with them will reap huge rewards ...
This short video shows how far they have come ..
Willingly , no grabbing , no pressure , just moving forward with them ....
And they are both Reserved together ... ❤️
( The music is soothing music for pets )
Also works for us 😉