Eli Update

Wednesday 14th October 2020

would like to thank Claire Hucker Owner of Chapel Farm Rehab ... Pensford .
Truly humbled yesterday .. in fact I burst into tears ... when I learned that Eli will have free hydrotherapy, which he has had since we took him in at a very young age... The staff we nicknamed 'Eli's Angels' were there to receive him and he bounded in enjoying the fuss and attention.
Hydrotherapy is an important part of Eli's well being... relieving the stress off his joints & his back enabling the water to take the weight of his body ...
You can see clearly in this clip how the right hind is strong and kicks back like a frog .. but the left hind just hangs ...
bear in mind at the beginning of his 12 weeks of age there was little to no movement in that R. Hind which is now looking pretty strong.
Throughout Eli visiting Chapel Farm the rescue has built up a good relationship... with Rachel , Eli's adopted Mum being at the forefront.
Claire I can not thank you enough for what you have done for Eli ... Rachel knew both you and I would make sure both dogs would be well looked after... and at the same time cementing a true honest friendship ... I am indebted to you
She will look down upon us both now and say
'I'm Happy '
This boy has so much to offer and I would like to look at training him as a Therapy dog .. for children/adults that have to look at life changing ways forward ... I have watched Eli and he knows his limitations .. but equallly he impresses me with what he is willing to try by placing his trust in me ...
I absolutely adore this boy . He has been there for me as we move forward with one of our own dogs still missing since sept 1st ... as much as I am there for him ...