Jakes Story


Tuesday 14th September 2021

Jake is growing into a lovely young pup..
He is a happy boy mixing with a couple of dogs at a time , climbing all over Dinky who will now tell him off... The others make out they want to play but in essence they want to steal his toys 😂.
It's so important he learns from the dogs now as he enters the next stage..... Hand reared puppies can be a problem as they miss the important nurturing from their mothers and can go on to develop problems including separation anxiety, guarding, biting ....this is where the dogs will help him and teach him dog etiquette but the most important dog to Jake is Dinky .. she has laid with him , mothered him , allowed him to comfort suckle from her once he had been fed !! (Dinky is almost 13years, with very little sight now and hard of hearing.. she has been absolutely Amazing .. and still keeps every one in order ...
Jake is playful , happy, loving, inquisitive, alert, sleeps all night, Very happy to see me every morning. Great Appetite and has been weaned on our own puppy kibble (soaked)
The worming programme is finally working so that in itself will have made him feel a lot better !!
DNA results are not yet back but I would imagine they will be soon ...
Jake came out for a ride this morning to get him used to travel and again he was amazing !
His weight is now 48oz. (3 Pounds )
On arrival he was 10.8oz
The boy is doing GREAT
So ... what breed do you think Jake is ??